NCLS(R) Trainer & Master Trainer Training

NCLS® (New Code Linguistic Stategies)

In the reality of today’s world, it is common knowledge that we have to do more, better, faster and with less.

During hard economic times and with the speed at which the world around us is changing; cost, quality and time are under constant strain. Often, one or two of these critical factors will take priority and play a prominent role in our planning, decision making, and other time management issues.

Mastering communication greatly enhances professional outlook and expands authority within all areas of life. In conjunction with an increased ability to navigate through difficult situations, build consensus and manage change, those skills create powerful results for any organisation.

Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will establish an effective means of communication with co-workers and colleagues. The ability to deal with people flexibly and effectively is even more important today under the pressure of our fast paced environment, and handling conflict in a positive and productive way is frequently mentioned as one of the most challenging areas of personal development.

Why use NCLS®?

NCLS ® (New Code Linguistic Strategies ®) is a technique, technology and methodology used to facilitate change and enhance the mental state of how an individual thinks, feels and behaves in relation to what they perceive a problem or issue to be. NCLS ® enables one to get from point A to point B extremely and profoundly fast by using specifically placed quantum linguistic language patterns.

What NCLS® can be used for:

NCLS® is a formula based linguistic technique used to find and remove root cause of repressed memories and emotions of past present and future traumatic experiences, that have created a negative influence on the individuals mental state and behaviour.

NCLS® can be used in a variety of fields including:

·      Business

·      Therapy

·      Personal Development Training

·      Psychology

·      Education

·      Learning Difficulties

·      Medical Field

As well as the above fields, NCLS® can also be used in daily conversation in order to effectively influence positive outcomes. with exceptionally fast results.

How NCLS® works

It is the precise linguistic language patterns within NCLS® and how specifically the facilitator is trained in the field of human development, which then causes the individual (client/patient) to create the greatest amount of change within his/her own perception of life. With exceptionally fast results.

Consistently bringing that person back to true cause for everything they do. All the time, every time.

What if this unique methodology were to give the client instant and lasting release from something they have been living with inside themselves, yet is outside of their control?


What would this new way of thinking and behaving be worth to an individual?

And how positively would it impact their sense of health wealth and wellbeing for themselves and others?