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Our Courses:

2 Day NLP Foundation Training  – Ages 7-13
NLP Practitioner Training – Ages 10-16
NLP Master Practitioner Training – Ages 13 – 16
Advanced learning, concepts, and ideas for the world beyond school – Ages 17 – 18

Our 2016 NLP Two Day Training dates for Kids:

Rhode Island USA

March: Saturday 12th / Sunday 13th
April: Saturday 23rd / Sunday 24th

Our 2016 NLP Seven Day Fast Track Practitioner Training dates for Adults:

(including Time Line TherapyTM, Life Coaching, and Hypnosis) with four World Renowned Certifications & Accreditations.

March: Monday 14th / Sunday 20th

Our 2016 NLP Twelve Day Fast Track Master Practitioner Training dates for Adults:

Master Practitioner 12 Day NLP Training (including Time Line TherapyTM, Life Coaching, and Hypnosis) with four World Renowned Certifications & Accreditations.

May Saturday 21st / June Wednesday 1st

Venues: Wyndham Garden Providence

220 India Street, Providence,RI 02903

Hilton Logan Airport

1 Airport Drive, Boston, MA. 02128

Hilton Hartford

315 Trumbull Street, Hartford, CT 06103


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Where’s the Catch??

There is none. Join us at NLP Foundation Training with Trainer David R Behan on this Free 2 Day NLP Foundation Training in London,Liverpool,& Bolton, and see that NLP is right for you. Take back the control you want in your life now. We will briefly speak to you about our other training's including our brand NEW Modality NCLS,TM., New Code Linguistic Strategies, the end of the FREE 2 Day NLP Foundation Training, it is up to you to choose to move toward the positive outcome you want to have by being part of this Training, moving forward with us @

What will I learn?

On this Free 2 Day Foundation NLP Training you will be given an introduction to NLP. You will learn profoundly powerful NLP Techniques Technologies & Methodologies,  which will get you the results you desire, & want in your life, you will engage in exercise’s. You will also be given an introduction into NLP Executive Business / Life Coaching skills, New Code Linguistic Strategies,TM.,Classical & Present day Hypnosis / Hypnotherapy which no other NLP Company can offer.                                            

Reserve you seat Now --

Limited Space and Registration Policy Apply

David offers a limited number of seats, in order for you to take full advantage of this FREE NLP Foundation Training, which will sell out  extremely fast. In order for you to reserve your place now, we must ask for your credit card number as a verification of your commitment to the Training, as well as a protection of our overall investment in you, to achieve your goals & outcomes.

Your card will not be charged if you attend the full weekend. If you fail to attend, we will charge your card £99 for holding an unused reservation. Thank you for you cooperation. We at  NLP Training look forward to seeing you soon. 





To Your Success! 

Hello, my name is David R. Behan. Harley Street Consultant Specialist, International Master Reiki Teacher/ Trainer & Trainer of NLP Learning, Time Line Therapy ®, Executive Business / Life Coaching Unconscious Persuasive Language of Influence,Clinical Analytical Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy,TFT,Thought Field Therapy,EFT,Emotional Freedom Technique.

Reiki Master Teacher & Trainer

It can be interesting when you begin to think, what is important about what it is you can learn more about NLP,Time Line Therapy®,Business /Life Coaching, & Hypnotherapy,

We would like to warmly welcome you to our NLP Learning site, & offer to you a compliment of techniques, technologies, & methodologies for you to have the chance to begin to learn our exceptional life changing skills, that will give to you an abundance of knowledge and confidence to provide for yourself / employee's, patient's, or your clients, with the ability to educate, heal, motivate and excel to extreme high levels, in all areas of your life.

My background is in NLP, Clinical Analytical Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy.Teaching & Training With more than 15 years experience in Executive Business / Life coaching, and successfully re-training people from all walks of life, to reach their Professional Business & Personal life goals, I have every confidence I can help you achieve & Succeed in all your endeavors,

You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that making just a few simple changes to the way you perceive & think can allow you to make major changes to your conscious concept & Perception of how you perceive your environment, the model of your world & the people in it,

Your perceptions / thoughts shape who you are.

The thoughts you have shape your emotions, The emotions you have shape the state you are in, The State you are in shapes your actions / behaviors & performance, Your actions, behaviors & performance's, shape your destiny, who / what you are, & what you get from your life.

That means, when you choose to change your perceptions / thoughts you can change your destiny?

This then allows you to have & experience all that you want to create in your life.

There is no reason why anyone should put up with something inside themselves, yet which is outside of their control, finding easy simple solutions becomes more fun,optimistic, creative and productive as your general sense of wellbeing, health and happiness increases together with you're growing knowledge; knowledge that you can use for your own personal development & growth, which benefit's you, or for the benefit of others. All these exceptional life-changing skills are transferable and can be taught to others.

I have successfully consulted, coached and trained over 14,500 clients over the span of my 15 year career, including TV presenters /celebrity sportsmen & women, helping them to achieve & succeed in all endeavors of their personal and professional lives. I look forward to passing this extremely profoundly powerful knowledge on to you, giving you the chance to achieve your own desired lifestyle, financial, health wealth & wellbeing, career goals & outcomes with certainty and confidence.

What is NLP, And why is everyone talking about it,

Why Would You Not Want To Achieve Your Life's Goals

Why Would You Not Want To Be Successful In Your Life

NLP is the science of modelling excellence in patterns of human behavior

Achieve The Art Of Being Successful

NLP Is The Difference That Makes A Difference

Neuro Linguistic Programming presupposes that an individuals pattern of behavior can be changed by the specific communication of ones own language, Pattern interrupting the persons software

Neuro Linguistic Programming helps to facilitate change, in the individual and distinguish patterns of behavior at will.

NLP provides you with an abundance of new and refined skills, that allows you to have and to choose for your self, Neurologically, Psychologically, and Physiologically, more distinct positive states, you communicate with precision and accuracy to specifically, & precisely, put your points of view across with a more refined tonality timber & cadence

This allows you to be in charge of the response you get, therefore changing your outcomes in life, & getting for you what you want

NLP gives to you the potential to create, and discover new possibilities, in all that you endeavor to achieve in your life, with rapid resolution for success

When you learn how to use NLP, you create a new sense of self, You will discover in you a profound sense of worth & self growth

You have the resources capacity, & capability for a higher value of your life

NLP offers to you the chance to provide for yourself the tools to empower develop & enhance your professional career, as well as your family’s life

NLP is being used in fields such as health care, business, sport, education, therapy, psychology, and the arts.

NLP is at the cutting edge of technology today,

If you were to think how can I get my life back on track, how do I take control of my life now, how can I communicate what I really want, and how to get it, How can NLP help me.

NLP can help you get for you what you want, when you want it.

NLP can help you create the right climate for your own structure stability & success.

NLP gives you a heightened sensory acuity of understanding peoples body language, / idiosyncrasies

NLP communicates the response you get

NLP shows you the resources you thought you never had, it improves your sense of self, your ability to think on the fly, sharp clarity, to expand your horizons, with new plausible possibilities,

NLP changes your behavior positively so that you can handle negative experiences and eliminate phobias, stress, guilt, and depression.

With NLP you can advance your career, increase your motivation and make more money.

With NLP you can attract the right person for you and also create ideal relationships.

I Provide Executive NLP Training In The Areas Of:

Practitioner / Master Practitioner, NLP Training (Neuro linguistic programming) as taught by Dr. Tad James

Join Our Fast Track, & Become A Certified Practitioner In,

(NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming

(TLT) Time Line Therapy®

(Hyp) Hypnotherapy

(NLP) Executive Business / Life Coaching

Clinical Analytical Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy

(Foundation,) (Diploma), (Advanced Diploma.)

(EFT.)Emotional Freedom Technique, Levels I, II, III.

(TFT.)Thought Field Therapy,Practitioner Level Training

Hypnotic Language Pattern's

Unconscious Persuasive Language of Influence

Below are just some of the courses I am offering; Please browse the site using the menus to the left.